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How can you tell you need our Programming Services (do any of these apply to you)


  • Need to automate a task that’s currently performed manually?
  • Have a program that xyz consultants built, that doesn’t quite work or do everything that you asked for.
  • You have to put together a weekly report that takes you several hours to complete!
  • Since Fred left nobody knows how to update “the system”
  • Since Fred’s cousin moved away we have this half done inventory program what am I going to do now!
  • Below are just a few of the scenario’s we have come across that may apply to your situation!


   The project that XYZ Consultants Inc. was started and finished but it doesn’t do all the tasks that what we wanted.

Let us review your application at no charge and give you a fair opinion of what you currently have and what it would take to complete this project.  This is something we do often.

   Since that employee left or that contractor disappeared we just gave up on the project.

Often times a consultant or employee is tasked to work on a project only to have a change in circumstance.  Whether the employee found another job or the consultant became bored with your project or found a more profitable one, these things happen.  Again let us review your abandoned project and make an attempt to revive it.  Remember, you’ve probably already done the hard work of figuring out what you want.  Let us do the easy part of giving you what you originally asked for!

   I have to run the weekly efficiency report and it takes me 4 hours!

Many existing applications are great at collecting data but when it comes time to give a report to your boss you don’t quite have access to the data you would like or have the data but it’s disorganized and takes hours each week to organize into a comprehensible page of rows and columns.  Let us meet with you and discuss your bosses’ expectations.  With some fairly simple applications we can turn your dreadful reporting task into canned reports that can even be created and distributed automatically.

   Since Fred left nobody’s working on “The System” and it doesn’t work like it used to.

Do you have an application that currently doesn’t have a programming resource for maintenance and changes?  Let us take over the ongoing maintenance of your application and we can take the concern of updating the “The System” off of your hands.


Call us today! You’ll be surprised at we can do for you!

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