Responsive and Understands Small business IT needs

Resolv Consulting is very responsive to our problems and is very familiar with the software programs that we use. When our business/practice software goes down, we are stuck!! And response time is critical. They have always responded in a timely fashion and got us up and running again. They answer my thousands of questions about what we need, how it works, and what is coming up in the future.

We have a great working relationship. Resolv Consulting understands our needs in our small business and doesn't try to over sell us. They recommend what hardware we need to satisfy our size and over the years has warned us when our capacity and/or speed needs to be upgraded.

Richard Sullivan Veterinarian, Hospital Director
Bay Cities Pet Hospital

Understands what businesses need and provides reliable and affordable solutions

Single biggest benefit has been that Resolv Consulting understands our network and server environment so we don’t have to start from square one each time we have a new project that they help us with. Also, in a disaster situation where we could have lost all our data, Resolv Consulting worked all night and did not rest until all systems were up and running.

They have been knowledgeable and above all accessible when needed.

Moeen Yamani IT Manager
Wayne Perry, Inc.

If you want one less thing to worry about regarding your business network hire Resolv Consulting

Our company depends on the internet and our internal intranet for our daily operations. Since Ross Bindery hired Resolv Consulting in 2003, we have not had to worry about prolonged downtime, outdated systems, updates or cyber security. Resolv Consulting has been there over the years to help transform our outdated system to a more efficient platform that ensures our business continues without interruption. Resolv Consulting is always available, either remotely or with on-site visits to take care of any and all issues our company may encounter, they are truly a valuable asset!

Karl Doerzapf Operations Manager
Ross Bindery, Inc.

Trustworthy and no Geek Speak

Resolv Consulting makes you feel safe that your confidential information is kept confidential. And they ensure you are receiving the latest upgrades for your company software and hardware. But most of all the attention to detail and customer service that is provided is beyond what you would expect from an IT firm.

Barbara Paluzzi CFO
Commercial Concrete Construction

You can count on Resolv Consulting, Inc.!

Honest, Competitive, and gets things fixed in a timely fashion.

Ron Sudman Founder and CEO
Management One Property Management